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Thank you for your support!

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Thank you to all of our supporters who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign! You helped us hit our goal and then some. We will be updating you as production progresses. It's been quite an experience getting this Kickstarter campaign up and running and are happy to share our insights with you if you. We want to tell you all how thankful we are at Hatch Things for your support and we can't wait to get these new shirts to your kids!

Our supporters also helped us by pledging shirts to go to children in the CAMBA family homeless shelters in NYC. We will be delivering over 200 shirts to the kids this winter. Amazing!

If you haven't seen our campaign yet, here's the link.

City Kid Pop Up

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We are bracing ourselves for Hurricane Joaquin now, and hoping for the best. They can't all be like last weekend - it was a beautiful one! Just the right weather for fall soccer and flag football and soaking in the sun but not baking in it. 

Last Saturday, I met up with my college roommate and now, close neighbor. She's soon launching a company in the kids space (exciting!) so we took a stroll over to 501 Union, a Brooklyn-cool event space, to check out the City Kid Pop Up that the team from June & January organized. So many of the brands and products we love on Instagram were there including Freshly Picked, June & January, Polarn O Pyret, Snuggly Ugly, Goose Grease, Lovelane, and so many more.


June & January hosted the event and we hope there will be many more to come!

Darlings of Instagram, Freshly Picked, brought their popular leather mocs to Brooklyn and parents came from all over the tri-state area to stock up multiple sizes at sample sale prices.


These silk screened and handmde super hero caps and capes from Lovelane are adorable and a great addition to your dress-up box!

While what we do isn't in the handmade maker space, we get so much inspiration from these artists and have so many ideas for collaborations! Keep watching us for new products in the future!

As a small business owner, it's hard not to have your energy and confidence lag sometimes. So it was a real treat to bump into a very happy SureShop user on the way out of the event - carry on!


Mommy Poppins Preschool Connection

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We are so grateful to the Mommy Poppins team for inviting us to be part of the Preschool Connection event that was held at the Dwight School this weekend. Anna's been very supportive of Hatch Things since she received a SureShop bag earlier this year and we had a chance to collaborate. Hopefully just the first of many!


Special SureShop bags were given to all attendees. It's so fun to see the expression on someone's face when we explain what the bag does. There is an instant look of recognition and appreciation by all who've had the experience of strollers falling over. If you'd like to work with us, we would love to hear from you! We spoke to many schools and programs with ideas on co-branding our bags and customizing our products. Please feel free to reach out at: hello at hatchthings dot com.

One highlight for me was meeting Elizabeth who is an alum and in admissions for Sacred Heart-91st St in Manhattan. My high school in the midwest was part of the Sacred Heart network of schools and now that I've made the connection, I hope to tap into the extensive network here in NY. But sadly, with 3 boys, I won't be sending anyone to the all-girls school. And I'm not sure I could ever wrestle any of them into a uniform! 

The event also gave us a change to give a sneak peek at the new product we are working on. We received so many positive and thoughtful comments and people wanted to buy our prototypes off the table! Please make sure to follow us on Instagram for more details and announcements. 

Urban SureShop Adventures

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For city parents, their stroller is like their car. Whether it is for pick-ups or running to playdates, the stroller becomes a way to get around with your little one as you lug and load up your everyday essentials.

We recently spotted our #SureShop bag around NYC on adventures - both practical and fun. Check out some of our favorite bloggers as they explore with their SureShop bags in tow.

Kris of My Strange Family with her cute crew around NYC with their #SureShop bag.

Chelsea of Play Rinse Wash Repeat showcasing how she uses our #SureShop bag during a recent outing.

Share how you #StyleYourSureShop and tag us @HatchThings on Twitter and Instagram

The Many Uses of the SureShop Bag

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While the press have highlighted the SureShop bag for it's ability to keep your stroller standing, try experimenting with the versatile clips and you'll find that you can secure or hang your bag virtually anywhere.

It can hang from bike handles, shopping carts, chairs, walkers, fences and even boats - so that your bag will never rest on a wet or dirty floor. This also makes it easy to have a hands-free experience wherever you may go. 

Ideal for travel, you can clip your lightweight SureShop bag onto your luggage or backpack to tote your things effortlessly. Then, fold it up and stash it for when you need it next. 


The bag also comes in a variety of chic and modern colors that can be personalized and monogrammed for your favorite sports team or company event, and more! If you are looking for a practical giveaway for your school or business, we'd love to hear from you!

What is your favorite way to use your #SureShop bag?

The SureShop at The New York Botanical Gardens

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The summer is a great time to take advantage of all of the local offerings in NYC. We recently ventured to The New York Botanical Gardens to check out the Frida Kahlo exhibit.

The adventure started when we loaded up our SureShop bag with essentials like diapers, wipes, and tons of snacks. We hung our bright blue SureShop bag over the vibrant Cosatto stroller for easy access to everything we needed.

It was a gorgeous day soaking in a mix of art and exercise as took in the colorful world of Frida Kahlo. Another incredible aspect of the gardens was having the opportunity to learn about so many unique flowers and plants. It was also really cool for the kids as they enjoyed the incredible kids' garden for a fun day of play and wonder.

What adventures are you enjoying with your #SureShop this summer?

The SureShop at Big Deep in Woodstock, NY

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We hope you that you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. The weather was wonderful near us where we headed upstate for a mini-vacation to Woodstock, NY.

While we soaked in the town itself and local attractions, one of our favorite places to visit was The Big Deep. A free adventure for you and the kids, you follow a short path that opens up into a swimming hole. The water was very cold but that didn't stop us from going into the clean and shallow water for a mid-day dip. 

With some towels, blankets, and our SureShop bag we loved our day of relaxing and swimming. Even when we don't use a stroller, we find our SureShop bag to be incredibly valuable. The SureShop holds so much, including sunscreen, lunches, a camera and water, and is super lightweight and makes everything easy to access.

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend, and be sure to share the many ways that you #StyleYourSureShop with us on social media!

Brooklyn Adventures with the SureShop

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Summer in the city is a great way to explore with the kids. In between camps and trips, we love to take the time to re-discover our city, and of course that always means a well-packed SureShop bag filled with snacks, diapers, and bathing suits. We recently took our SureShop bag to DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park for a carefree day of exploring and picture-taking. And, we spent our day not having to worry about our stroller tipping over, even with all our stuff for the day, thanks to our SureShop!

We started our day by checking out the Plexiglass House by Tom Fruin - soaking in the colors and wonder that was set against the backdrop of Manhattan.

We then went to see Jeppe Hein: Please Touch The Art and the collection of mirrors that was also beautiful set amongst the backdrop of Manhattan.

Through the walk and adventure, we loved having our SureShop bag in tow for easy and quick access to snacks, and later our bathing suit for some water play at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The clips on our SureShop kept the bag from tipping the stroller and, after we finished getting our little ones wet, we clipped the suits on the outside so not everything inside got wet!

Here's to endless adventures in your city or town this summer!

How do you #StyleYourSureShop?

SureShop at Downtown Disney

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The SureShop bag is super versatile for travel. We were so excited to receive some fun pictures from Chelsea Lanese, a FIT4MOM club owner in Orlando, Florida, who rocked her SureShop bag in Downtown Disney.

Check out her review below and be sure to get your SureShop bag here

I love my bag! I take it everywhere!! It has been so perfect to take to the amusement parks and Downtown Disney. We have our Grand Opening  [FIT4MOM South Orlando] next week and I'm so excited to have it to hold my bands and water.

Here are a few pictures from the first day we got our bag and took it with us to Downtown Disney (now we just keep it in our car to attach to our stroller the second we get the stroller out of the car - just part of our routine now). 

We would love to see how you #StyleYourSureShop! Simply share your pictures with us @HatchThings on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

SureShop in Montauk

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We love having adventures with our kids. Living in NYC, we are so lucky to be able to experience so many unique destinations that aren't too far from the heart of the city. And, with the temperature and humidity rising, there's no better escape than a beautiful beach.

Recently, our team (and Neon Coral SureShop bag) hit the beach for a day of fun in the sun in Montauk, New York. A popular destination for families and sun dwellers, Montauk offers the perfect escape from the city without being overly crowded.

For this beach trip, our #SureShop bag was filled to the brim with essentials for our little one, including diapers, wipes, snacks, and sunscreen. 

After a day at the beach, tons of sand managed to creep into the SureShop but we were able to easily brush out the sand so we didn't have to take it home with us. Our SureShop is also super easy to fold so we can take it with us everywhere. And, it was also easy to wash so it is ready for the next adventure!

What is your favorite weekend trip with your #SureShop bag?

Coney Island Adventures: SureShop Hits the Beach!

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This past Sunday, we headed to Coney Island to dip our toes in the water and eat the first Nathan's hot dogs of the season. In the early 70s, I loved coming here with my family and now it's my turn to let my kids run around barefoot on the boardwalk, eat hot dogs and cheese fries, play carnival games and ride the Cyclone and make our own memories.

The water was chilly but that didn't stop M from jumping in to have some fun! 

After throwing the baseball around and swimming for a bit, we headed over to Luna Park for some arcade games and rides. Even with our stroller at home, we found a great use for the SureShop! By clipping M's wet clothes to the outside of the SureShop, we were able to avoid getting everything in the bag all wet and letting his clothes dry while we played!

Waiting for the boys to ride the go karts, I took a quick break. Good thing M's soaking wet clothes were able to drip dry while I I sat down on a bench and enjoyed people watching in the sun. 

As New Yorkers, we are so happy to see that Coney Island is roaring back from the rough days after Hurricane Sandy. For more details on how community organizations and the people of New York are working together to make Coney Island better than ever, and to donate to help with the recovery, here are links to 2 great organizations: Coney Recovers (#coneyrecovers) and Brooklyn Community Services.

New York Baby Show Recap

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The New York Baby Show was our first-ever consumer show and it was so great to talk to so many enthusiastic new parents. What a wonderful show. We will definitely be back next year! It is so great to get feedback from the people who will use our products every day.

The crowds were so enthusiastic and even with three people manning our booth at all times, we couldn't catch a breath! We were so excited to demonstrate how the SureShop keeps your umbrella stroller from falling over and also adds lightweight storage to your already heavy jog strollers and heftier models. We also showed families that your can use the SureShop when you don't have the stroller. Secure your SureShop to your luggage when you are traveling, laundry carts and walkers for adults. 

We can't wait to see you all next year! In the meantime, and be sure to stay up-to-date with news, specials and offers from Hatch Things by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

SureShop on the Move

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We had an incredible time at the New York Baby Show (complete recap on that soon). As we get ready for summer, we are loving your fun and useful pictures showing us how you #StyleYourSureShop.


Check out @fit4mom_monterey who took the #SureShop to the beach! We love how she clipped it on her stroller to soak in the views and get a great workout while toting her exercise gear in our lightweight bag.

I spy a #SureShop bag in use during this Fit4Mom Stroller Strides class in Newark, CA! We are so excited that more and more Fit4Mom instructors are contacting us and telling us that they are recommending our bag to all of their members!


Here's a recent special request where a customer asked to have their #SureShop monogrammed. She's going to use it as a handy spare tote when travelling. What do you think? We'd love your suggestions for new colors, patterns and trims! 


Here we are exploring NYC with our little one with our #SureShop in tow. We can't wait to explore more of NYC this summer. Where will your SureShop take you?

Love your SureShop? Be sure to share all of the ways you #StyleYourSureShop so that we can share it with our HatchThings community.

SureShop at Brooklyn Bridge Park

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This past weekend we enjoyed exploring Brooklyn, and taking our SureShop to Brooklyn Bridge Park

It was a foggy day, but still amazing to look out onto NYC and see the infamous Manhattan skyline. It was also incredible to soak in these views without having a bag attached to our side. Thanks to the SureShop we could load up on all of our essentials while having our bag nearby that was clipped to our stroller.

With activities all summer (including an amazing pop-up pool), we can't wait to explore more activities and attractions at Brooklyn Bridge Park with our SureShop in tow.

Visit Hatch Things at the New York Baby Show

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We are so excited to be able to showcase our unique and innovative products for parents at the New York Baby Show. Held on May 16th and 17th, we will be on-hand to showcase our smart design solutions for busy parents.

This will include the opportunity to learn more about the SureShop. And our no-tip stroller bag can absolutely be used by everyone! Our SureShop bag is also fantastic clipped onto luggage, bikes, grocery carts and much more!

Learn more about our products and innovative design in our recent interview with New York Family!

Can't wait to see you all there!

Booth 248

New York Baby Show
May 16th and May 17th
Pier 92

711 12th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Tickets are $30 per family, and $20 per person.
Purchase tickets here.

SureShop and Cold Snap Video Review

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We love to see the SureShop and the ColdSnap in action! Recently, we met a Brooklyn mom of two, happily using her SureShop and ColdSnap! She loved how her SureShop kept her stroller standing, and how she could use her ColdSnap to keep her baby snug and warm, whether she used it over her carrier or as a stroller cover. Check out this fun video recap! Please keep sending us your video recaps or pictures of how you #StyleYourSureShop.

Grocery Shopping with the SureShop

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The SureShop is not only an innovative bag that will leave your stroller standing, it is also one for everyday use. We love to use it for grocery shopping where we load up our SureShop with healthy essentials for the kids. 

It also clips onto grocery carts and wagons for hands-free shopping. They are also fun and vibrant for spring that can be a great way to shop at your local greenmarket!

We want to see how you Style Your SureShop. Tag us on social media with the hashtag #StyleYourSureShop and we will share with our HatchThings community.