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We’ve Hatched Our New Website! (Bet You Saw That One Coming!)

Sonjie SolomonComment

We’re thrilled to share the new and improved HatchThings.com with you today! We’ve been hard at work, making our website cleaner, more accessible, and easier to read on mobile devices (moms and dads are always on-the-go!). We have also made it easier for you to find out about more information about our products - and get hints of what’s to come at Hatch Things. You’ll find more product images, a new Blog section (come back often to read more!) and an updated press section, so you can hear not only from us why you want a SureShop or ColdSnap, but from the best minds in baby gear and parenting advice (thanks all!).

Most importantly, this new site is about YOU! We’ve added a new Gallery section where you can share images of how you are using your SureShop and ColdSnap with your little ones, all around the world. You can upload images and share reviews and testimonials through links on the page. And you can also share your pictures and videos with us by using #SureShop #ColdSnap #HatchThings #styleyoursureshop on your favorite social media channel.

As before, we have a section called  Stockists that is dedicated to helping you find our products at all of the great stores, hopefully not far from you in your neighborhood or town, where you can get your SureShop and ColdSnap today. We’ve updated this section with a map, so you can easily find your local store and get driving or walking direction. Also, let us know if there is a store or boutique in your area that doesn’t carry our products, we would love to get our SureShop or ColdSnap closer to you!

And, finally, we have updated the Contact section, so you can always and easily ask us questions, share your feedback and new product ideas (we love to get them!) and sign up for our mailing list. We’ve also added links to our presence on the major social media networks - at the top on every page - so we’d love to talk with you there too!

As happy as we are with the new site, we know we can always make it better so please share your feedback with us. We’d love to hear your feedback so e-mail us at hello@hatchthings.com.

Thanks for all your support and we hope you enjoy our simple solutions that can make your life easier!