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Mommy Poppins Preschool Connection

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We are so grateful to the Mommy Poppins team for inviting us to be part of the Preschool Connection event that was held at the Dwight School this weekend. Anna's been very supportive of Hatch Things since she received a SureShop bag earlier this year and we had a chance to collaborate. Hopefully just the first of many!


Special SureShop bags were given to all attendees. It's so fun to see the expression on someone's face when we explain what the bag does. There is an instant look of recognition and appreciation by all who've had the experience of strollers falling over. If you'd like to work with us, we would love to hear from you! We spoke to many schools and programs with ideas on co-branding our bags and customizing our products. Please feel free to reach out at: hello at hatchthings dot com.

One highlight for me was meeting Elizabeth who is an alum and in admissions for Sacred Heart-91st St in Manhattan. My high school in the midwest was part of the Sacred Heart network of schools and now that I've made the connection, I hope to tap into the extensive network here in NY. But sadly, with 3 boys, I won't be sending anyone to the all-girls school. And I'm not sure I could ever wrestle any of them into a uniform! 

The event also gave us a change to give a sneak peek at the new product we are working on. We received so many positive and thoughtful comments and people wanted to buy our prototypes off the table! Please make sure to follow us on Instagram for more details and announcements.