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We use this on a cheap umbrella stroller. Works great and looks nice. It really does keep the stroller upright even when filled with groceries. I love that I don’t have to take it off to put the stroller in the car (when it’s empty).
— ksmom
Love this thing. I have two of these bags attached to my b-agile stroller and they are wonderful. When we do co op I can load the bags down and hang my purse off the handle and still have plenty of stability in the stroller. It gives me flexibility with hauling materials I previously had to use a rolling suitcase to get around. With a bunch of kids, a bunch of materials, and a stroller I was having a really hard time. These bags make things much, much easier. No hint of tipping, very versatile attachment.
— taryl
...I am happy to say, we spent this past weekend with me not even once on my hands and knees trying to pick up everything that fell out of my diaper bag!! We did grocery with the two bags (one of each side) in our Uppababy G-Luxe, and ran errands in our Bugaboo Bee with one bag clipped onto the handle bar.I have decided to replace my diaper bag with a SURESHOP with another one thrown in the bag so I always have a reusable shopping bag wherever I go. I’m officially obsessed!!
— Emily, Manhattan
This bag is awesome and I am so glad I spent the money - as the bag is a bit pricey - but worth it!! We went to Seattle for a family vacation and took our $12.00 umbrella stroller - clipped the bag on and no tipping at all - the whole time we used - and we packed the bag full of stuff!! I put water bottles in - three kid jackets - my big camera case - I even shoved my purse in it - NO Tipping or ripping for that matter!! Great BAG!
— Courtney