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A place for all your treasures

Our Kickstarter campaign was a success and we are now in production! If you would like to pre-order our shirts, please email us at hello@hatchthings.com.


What's so special about PockeTeez™?

It's new
One early tester said, "I feel like this should be a product already. Why isn't it?" Well, it is now! Everyone could use an extra pocket!
Solves a problem
Chances are, if you have kids around, they pick things up from the sidewalk, hand you random toys, rocks and acorns and say, “Please hold this!”. Parents, reclaim your pockets! Hold Please! PockeTeez™ let kids keep their treasures with them and out of your pockets and purses.
We're giving back
For our launch, we are partnering with CAMBA - a wonderful non-profit that runs, among other programs, three family homeless shelters in NYC. You can choose to order Hold Please! PockeTeez™ for your child or send a shirt to a child in need.